Adult Services

Healthy eating, guided movement, creative expression and spirituality, combined with the reflective experience of psychotherapy and at times pharmacotherapy are the holistic strategies Dr. Broadwater utilizes to promote healing.  In psychotherapy with Dr. Broadwater, we explore the unconscious/conscious mind, unmet needs, and spirituality.

This is especially desirable for adults and families where anonymity is essential.

Depending on the need, adult psychiatric wellness and coaching services offered by Dr. Broadwater can be received in office, home, virtually, via phone or in a location of your choosing (with a fee adjustment).

Dr. Broadwater accepts some insurance plans and self pay services are available as well.

Individual pharmacologic and psychotherapy service options are offered by Dr. Broadwater.

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Group psychotherapy is primarily process-oriented and may also be focused on specific themes such as transitions, grief, relationships, career, and/or fertility.

Upcoming Groups:

  • So you want to be married? (Group focusing on self-exploration for Women desiring marriage)

  • Sensational Sis-Stars (Support Group for Women Over 60)

  • The High-Powered Woman’s Place for Support ( Group for elite, professional Women)

  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (D.B.T.) for Women of Color

Concierge services include dedicated time given to a desired patient that is custom created and in concert with the needs and desires of each that is available upon request.  Payment for concierge services is a retainer’s physician fee; a variety of retainer packages are available.