Children’s Services

Because Dr. Broadwater’s diagnostic and treatment approach is system-focused, her recommendations almost ALWAYS entail that the entire family unit make changes toward personal healing.

Dr. Broadwater’s treatment focuses on the mind, body, spirit connection.

Medications are conservatively prescribed; and typically only after behavioral and environmental interventions have been implemented by the family and child.

ADHD is not treated with stimulants at any time by Dr. Broadwater.

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Second opinions and consultation appointments are available and best occur with the collaboration with the child’s primary clinician(s).

Please notify Dr. Broadwater before treatment starts if there is legal or potential legal involvement in your child’s case.  

Appointments are offered in-office, virtually, in-home and at designated locations (upon request with potential additional fees).  

Behavioral disorders and behavioral symptoms are treated in group social skills and parent-child management training classes.  

Children and adolescent psychotherapy groups are offered periodically throughout the year:

  • Improving Social Skills/Executive Functioning at Home, School and Everywhere!

  • Parent - Child Emotional Wellness

  • DBT- Family Skills Training

 We invite you to join a group.