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About Dr. Sherri Broadwater 

What changes are you willing to make?  

What changes are you REALLY willing to make to grow emotionally, socially, physically or even financially?  

Healing doesn’t come without sacrifice and Healing For All asks the hard questions so that you can achieve happiness and maintain work-life integration.

Dr. Sherri Broadwater’s story of trials and redemption:

It is important that children believe that they are special. I was frequently told that I was smart by my parents and my teachers.   Being acknowledged for my intelligence felt good and I felt important. Throughout my early years, I excelled tremendously and continued to receive the blessings from my natural intelligence and  hard work. My educational confidence and success were challenged while I was in college. This was followed by a series of academic delays which exacerbated a series of psychological insecurities. Over time with re-commitment to academic excellence and re-affirming my  belief in myself, I began to dig out of the dark hole that I created. I was back on track professionally but I’d unintentionally placed my love life on the back burner. It seemed as if I’d become a successful physician at the expense of obtaining my personal goals of marriage and a family.   Thus, I know the pain associated with a loss of an identity and having to redefine the narrative that I dreamed about since childhood. I DID THE PERSONAL WORK to find joy and freedom in my TRUTH.

Are you ready to do your personal work?

My Background:   

I am a native Georgian raised with my sister, Dr. Bonnie Simpson Mason, by our parents in East Point. I am the former, Sherri Simpson, and I attended Howard University and Meharry Medical College, graduating with honors before my matriculation to the Menninger Department of Psychiatry Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas.  Dr. Broadwater is fellowship trained in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and is double board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in both Adult and Child/Adolescent Psychiatry.