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About Mr. Robert Broadwater Jr.

If you desire to move forward when you feel stuck in life, meet Robert L. Broadwater Jr.

Robert’s Personal Testimony

Sales was my life for years but over time I knew I needed to make the leap in a new direction.

I want you to ask yourself what are my pain points?

How long am I going to feel held back or stuck?  

Why do I keep struggling with claiming what is mine?  

Why do I feel like others have an easier life than I do?    

When will it be my turn?  

What happened to the dream and desires I had for myself?

Where is my hope?

Be Honest!  

Let me say for the record, I’ve wondered about the same questions numerous times. Too long…. Once I decided to be honest about those things in my own life I had to then DECIDE that I had an opportunity to move from stuck to freedom.  I had to decide whether I was going to continue working on someone else’s goals or pursue my own.

Let me help you free yourself and better direct your energy and efforts. I’m living proof that repositioning and growth is possible.

Let me tell you more about me…..

I am a Certified Personal Development and Executive Coach with Healing For All Coaching.  I have over twenty years of facilitating business success and creating custom vision/execution plans in high-growth companies. I am THE Turnaround Specialist.  

Employee development and person–building are the aspects that most excited me while working in managerial sales; thus coaching was a natural evolution for me and I help passionate, success seekers who strive for greater professional and/or personal satisfaction to make a turnaround.

I graduated with a B.A. in Urban Studies from Morehouse College and earned a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Strayer University.

What are you waiting for? Let’s TRANSFORM your PEOPLE, PROCESS, and PRODUCTS.

I have accelerated growth and attained managerial position firsts across multiple multi-million dollar companies. Why is this significant? I am the coach who has been where YOU want your business to go.

A coach who has managed 200 people simply put has a lived perspective of leading that can’t be taught.